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About Cary Ferguson

The Beginning...

From the time Cary can remember, he has always had a passion for creating artwork. Even as a child, Cary would make sculptures and intricate jewelry from metal he found around his home. ​This love for art drove Cary to seek out a mentorship with Walter Langan who had spent his career at the greatest glass houses in America including Hawkes, Libbey and Steuben. Cary would spend 10 years studying under Walter and would master the art of glass engraving and sculpting in that time. 

Open for Business in 1979

In 1979, Cary opened his first studio and art gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. From there he would expand the company to 3 locations throughout Cleveland including a location in the heart of downtown at the Galleria. At this point it was clear that Cary was going to have an exciting career as an artist as there was a lot of excitement around his work in the city of Cleveland. During his time in Cleveland, Cary would create incredible masterpieces that were commissioned by organizations such as IndyCar, BP or KeyBank and individuals such as Alex Trebek, Bernie Kozar and Mario Andretti. 

The Move to Marblehead, Ohio!

For Cary, Lake Erie has always been a place where he wanted to spend his time. Many of Cary's best memories were made near the Lake Erie Islands and it was somewhere he always wanted to live. In an effort to slow down a bit, Cary moved his art galleries and studios to the shores of Lake Erie in the beautiful areas  of Lakeside and Marblehead, Ohio. Cary's effort to slow down didn't really work out as anticipated as the newly-established Ferguson Gallery became more successful than he or anyone else had ever imagined. Spending more time on the shores of Lake Erie moved Cary to start capturing the beauty of the lake in oil paintings. Now after painting gorgeous scenery of Lake Erie for decades, it's clear that Cary creates the finest Lake Erie Artwork available anywhere. 

Looking ahead...

It's true that Cary has been in business for over 40 years, but we can't help but feel that this is still the beginning of something very special. Perhaps once in a lifetime does an artist have the creative gifts and unique perspectives required to make such incredible masterpieces. It is apparent that Cary is one of those artists and that fact shows up in his Lake Erie paintings, prints and artwork. Cary has now sent thousands of his original paintings and prints to the homes of his beloved customers, friends and family and it's clear that he has a lot more of his artistic masterpieces to share with the world. 

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