"The story of Ferguson Gallery goes back to a time when America was different than it was from today.  Imagine with me, a young man born in the late 1800s.  This man, being eager to work, would do whatever it took to provide for his household, and so he did.  Walter Langan, my mentor and teachcer, was a glass master of the famous American Brilliant Age of cut glass.  Walter was doing hand engraved glass from an early age and was doing so out of necessity.  Though Walter's motivation was to provide, he would also acquire great skill over his 60 year career as a glass artist.


Fate would have it that Walter and I would cross paths.  I had a unique desire to learn the lost art of glass engraving, and Walter had the interest in passing on his craft. It's now 35 years later and we have multiple generations of Ferguson's using glass as an artistic medium.  I feel very blessed to be living my life as an artist and to have my family taking this journey right along side with me."


~Cary Ferguson

~Proprietor, Ferguson Gallery

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